Home. It is a powerful word that conjures up all kinds of emotions and memories. We all want our homes to feel like a sanctuary, a safe place, where we are known, loved, and can be restored and nourished, away from the chaos of the outside world.

Americans spend $450 Billion a year on home improvement, but there are few outlets that help us integrate our faith into our daily living space. Historically, the Catholic faith was easily integrated into art, architecture, and home decor. There has truly been no institution, country, or empire that has been a stronger patron of the arts than the Catholic Church.

European Christmas markets, church décor, icons, and items of devotion, hand-fashioned by those who learned their craft through the generations, capture the Catholic faith in a tangible way that isn’t superficial or saccharine. Such treasures enrich one’s faith by bringing the spiritual to the level of the material, and back again.

Our goal at the Theology of Home Mercantile is to try to recapture this blend of faith and home life in a contemporary and compelling way — to truly help us find the eternal in the everyday.

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