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American Black Walnut Advent Wreath


These beautiful handmade Advent wreaths are one of a kind and are sure to become family heirlooms. Made by Blessed Boards of high-quality, solid, domestic hardwoods, they are thoughtfully designed with a simple, but meaningful aesthetic for a beautiful centerpiece to celebrate the Advent season. Our Marian Star Logo at the center of the wreath doubles as a reminder of the Christmas star and the long awaited birth of the Messiah.

The wreaths are finished with a natural, oil wood finish that is plant based and 100% VOC free. No stains are used to finish these wreaths. The natural color of the wood is highlighted. The wreath accommodates standard 7/8”-diameter, taper candles - traditionally 3 purple and 1 pink - that mark the four Sundays of Advent before Christmas. Comes in a canvas bag for storage.

American Black Walnut Measures 10” in diameter

Handmade in St. Augustine, Florida.

WARNING: This wreath is made of natural wood, a flammable material. To prevent fire - burn candles within sight at all times, keep out of reach of children and pets, never set on or near anything that can catch fire, trim candle wicks to 1/4” prior to lighting, do not allow wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool, do not let candles burn down to less then 1” above top of candle holder.