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Boy Stories Book Set


A laugh-out-loud collection of crazy stories about the fifth graders in Mr L's class, with spelling tests that go horribly wrong, pranks that go horribly right, holes to China, recess wars, car driving, class-wide elections, and more. Stories told in a classic style with contemporary edge, this book celebrates mischievous humor, friendship, imagination, and the ridiculous fun of being a boy. Perfect for reluctant and experienced readers alike, and a great read aloud for the families with energetic, mischievous boys. Get ready to laugh.

Written by former teacher at The Heights, author Tom Longano. These books will charm most anyone, boys and girls, and could be a fun family read aloud. For a peek into the book, listen to Tom Longano's Boy Stories Podcast.

Set includes all three in the series:

The Blue Book of Stories

The Red Book of Stories

The Green Book of Stories

Carrie: Our whole family has been charmed by these stories. My very reading-averse 10-year-old son told me that he read so much of the first book that his arms hurt from holding it. 

DISCLAIMER: This book is for fifth grade boys, about fifth grade boys. If you have never been or met a fifth grade boy, this book is not for you.

FURTHER DISCLAIMER:These stories won't teach lessons - There are no dead dogs or sick relatives. There is, however, a turtle.

“The best and only book I’ve ever read.” —Jeffrey, fifth grade boy.

"A sprawling epic, ground-breaking in every imaginable way." — Leo, fifth grade boy.

“I liked the fact that there was no school.” — Albert, fifth grade boy.