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Travel Candle Set -- Carrie's Favorites

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Not sure which candles to start with? Try this sampler of Carrie's favorite scents at a discounted price. This set features five of our candles and comes in a grosgrain ribbon-tied box, also making it a great gift.

Why these particular candles?

Carrie: Of course, I love all of our candle scents. We make them at home, so it would be hard to have a scent wafting through our house on pour days that I didn't like. But these five have a special place in my heart. 

The first three, No. 1 Guadalupe, No. 2 Baptism, and No. 3 Victory were what got us started. The original No. 1 Guadalupe was the first scent we came up with when we were just figuring out the candle business. We liked it, but after awhile, I felt like we needed a Guadalupe scent with a stronger rose. Last year, we switched to the new No. 1 Guadalupe and people seem to really love it. Some friends of mine actually travel with this candle - not to light it - but just to take the scent with them. 

No. 2 Baptism is based off of chrism oil. Initially, we hoped to use the chrism oil directly, so we poured some samples. They smelled amazing for about five minutes and then slowly, slowly, a really unappetizing tuna-scent could be smelled. There was clearly something in the oil that was simply not meant to be burned. So back to the drawing board we went to figure out how to achieve this desired scent. It took awhile, but we finally found it. It is amazing and not at all a surprise that this is our most popular candle. 

No. 3 Victory's scent is based off of a scent that goes back centuries, made by monks on the isle of Capri. It has a slight lemon, but it so well balanced by the other florals that one doesn't immediately think "lemon." This is one of those scents I could smell all day, everyday. Clean, bright, alive. It is a fantastic kitchen candle.

No. 6 Eden is such a gem. This scent is beloved by both men and women and for me conjures up a rich forest. It feels like a perfect candle for a writing desk or someplace where one needs to focus and be creative. I keep one next to my bed on my nightstand. 

No. 12 Theotokos carries the scent of Jasmine. It is perhaps the only candle that we have that isn't a blend of fragrances, but just one pure note. Jasmine, to me, has such a fresh and bright scent. It well matched to the name - Theotokos, or Mother of God - because of its virtues. But like Mary, it isn't a fading flower, but has its own fortitude and beautiful strength.