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Cozy Christmas Gift Box


This is on backorder, but will ship by December 12th. 

This gift box just makes you want to curl up with a good book and a cup of something hot. It includes our delicious Nativity CandleLuxury Christmas Tree Matches, and the just released book Why We Kiss Under the Mistletoe: Christmas Traditions Explained by the author of "Drinking with the Saints."

Comes wrapped in a kraft box and tied with a red grosgrain ribbon. 

More about Why We Kiss Under the Mistletoe: Christmas Traditions Explained

From the famed author of international bestseller Drinking with the Saints, every Christmas tradition explained and celebrated, as well as a glimpse into all the sometimes macabre and always fascinating nooks and crannies of the holiday. Deepen your knowledge of and love for Christmas!

The definitive guide to every question you’ve had about the Christmas holiday—and many more you’ve never thought to ask!

In Why We Kiss Under the Mistletoe, Michael Foley dives deep into the history of Christmas and the customs that surround this beloved holiday. Learn about the fascinating origins of your favorite Christmas food, drink, observances, and songs. Discover how Saint Nicolas, a fourth-century Catholic bishop, became Santa Clause and who Santa’s global competitors are (some of them will shock you). 

Witty, imaginative, and wholly unique, Why We Kiss Under the Mistletoe is the stocking stuffer that will be revisited every year.