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Faith, Hope, and Love Candles


Introducing our new limited edition candles, Faith, Hope, and Love. These can be purchased as singles or in a box set with all three.

FAITH features our popular chrism scent used in our No. 2 Baptism Candle. Here it comes featured in our new brushed gold container with lid. It makes for a striking gift, and is highly durable and transportable. It is easy to select for your own home or to send to friends and family (including those who might not be baptizing anyone anytime soon). 

HOPE With hints of lavender and fresh cold air, a reminder that the virtue of hope can always grow.

LOVE There is no other way to say it. This candle is just yummy. If you like vanilla, you will love this warm, cozy scent. (These are discounted because of a reaction between the wax and the container, creating a thin orange ring around the wax of the candle. We have been assured it is entirely safe, but the wax will slightly discolor with use.)

Single, lead-free, eco-cotton wick. Burn time around 50 hours. 

11.5 oz of soy wax.

Made in the USA.