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The Cocoa Box

The Cocoa Box


Nothing says cozy like cocoa and marshmallows. This is great fun for a cold winter night around the fire, or maybe just around the candle. Premium versions of cocoa and marshmallows make this an elevated and special gift, delightful for adults and kids alike!

The Cocoa Box includes 12 oz. canister of Public Goods'  Hot Cocoaartisanal, small batch, Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, and our own No. 6 Eden Candle. It is perfect way to set the stage for a warm cozy night when temperatures are low! 

Hot cocoa and marshmallows kid approved. "These are the best marshmallows ever!" -Robert, 9.

Comes in a kraft gift box tied with green grosgrain ribbon. 

Public Goods' Hot Cocoa is a rich, chocolatey mix, easy to make and hard to resist. Made by a small, family-owned company that's perfected its cocoa recipe over 35 years, it is ready in minutes. Heat 8 ounces of your milk or water, add two tablespoons of the sweet, aromatic powder, and stir. We like it with a dash of organic cinnamon, or for bolder tastes, try a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

What’s in it: raw cane sugar and cocoa powder.

What’s not in it: preservatives, dyes or artificial colors.

Made in Washington. Ingredients: Raw cane sugar and cocoa powder (non-alkalized).

Servings: approximately 9, serving size: 2 tbsp (25g).

Made in the USA.