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Pax et Bonum Doormats


In these troubling times, we could all benefit from more pax et bonum, or peace and goodness. It is a simple phrase, but captures the faith and surrender we are called to in caring for and loving others.

This traditional Franciscan phrase, pax et bonum, has been used as a greeting or farewell for centuries. St. Francis of Assisi was known to use it to begin and end his sermons and letters, while St. Clare of Assisi used it as a greeting. We thought it would be a great way to say hello or goodbye to whomever passes through our door. 

These bespoke coir mats with a rubber backing feature the famous phrase of St. Francis and the Theology of Home Marian Star. It is a great reminder and blessing for those who live in your home as well as friends and strangers.

Available in two sizes: Small 16" x 24" Medium 18" x 30" (MEDIUM ON BACKORDER. Available by July 15.)

Made in the United States.

Custom painted coir mats, like all coir mats, will fade with use and exposure to the elements.