**We’ve sold through our spring stock and will back in the fall with fresh inventory. Stella Maris & Co. candles are 100% soy, so they don’t mix well with summer shipping. Thank you for your patience!

Few things transform a room like a lit candle, sparking light, warmth, and life. There is a reason why even in our age of electricity, candles maintain an important place in our daily lives and worship. Stella Maris & Co. hand-poured candles bring both of these elements together through the riches of Catholicism’s two millennia of beautiful symbols, scents, and sacramentals.

No. 1 Guadalupe

Guadalupe, Mexico, is the site where the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Juan Diego in 1531. Our Lady arranged roses in the future saint’s tilma, leaving a miraculous image of her still visible today. This miracle of roses sparked the conversion of heart of roughly 6 million people. The scent of the No. 1 Guadalupe candle is a nod to the Virgin’s miracle with a rose foundation. It is nuanced with another Mexican fruit, the luscious sweetness of oranges.

No. 2 Baptism

The scent for No. 2 Baptism was inspired by the chrism oil used for baptism, confirmation, and priestly ordinations. Chrism oil, called the “holy anointing oil of God” is an ancient blend of roughly thirty different ingredients, including balsam, myrrh, and frankincense. An intoxicating aroma, it is perfect for prayer, as a gift for (parents of) the recently baptized, or for those who love the smell of a newly baptized baby's head.


No. 3 Victory

In 1571, a very outnumbered Christian navy faced off against the Ottoman Empire in the Battle of Lepanto. They were miraculously victorious and attributed their success to praying the rosary. Inspired by scents made for centuries by the monks on the island of Capri, the No. 3 Victory candle is a floral combination of gentle lemon, lily, and gardenia. Lemons are a classic symbol of perseverance and friendship, both requirements for any victory.