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Theology of Home was created by two Catholic moms and authors, Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering, to help women overcome the struggles that keep us from confidently living and sharing the faith.

What We Do

We curate and publish content and create and source carefully-crafted products that help women at any stage of life live out their vocations with beauty and meaning.

What's New at The Mercantile

We love these stylish boxes of luxury matches inspired by vintage designs, by Archivist Gallery in Oxford, England. They make the perfect gift for friends and family! Included with one of our candles (Nativity Candle?) makes for a very "striking" gift.

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Theology of Home springs from two core beliefs: that women are the most under-appreciated evangelical force in history, and that the home is where we prepare our families for Heaven.

No. 2 Baptism Candle

The intoxicating aroma of our more popular candle is perfect for prayer, as a gift for (parents of) the recently baptized, or for those who love the smell of a newly baptized baby's head.

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Theology of Home was established to offer women of goodwill a place to come and be replenished with hope, joy, and peace, through lively community and through materials that help you to sanctify the everyday moments of life.

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