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Theology of Home IV: Arranging the Seasons


What we cannot see in our Creator, we can see in His creation. It is with the gift of the flower—a powerful representation of the love of God—that we can bridge not only home and garden but also the eternal and the everyday.

In this fourth installment of Theology of Home, Emily Malloy explores the vibrancy and life of the garden. With her expertise as a florist, Malloy brings a wealth of practical ideas for incorporating flowers into our homes as we march through both nature’s seasons and the Church’s liturgical calendar. Yet this edition, like the rest of the series, does not stop at the material level. Remembering mankind’s beginnings in the Garden of Eden, Arranging the Seasons is sumptuously illustrated and highlights our intrinsic need for beauty within the human heart.

Explored within this edition of Theology of Home are the deeper questions of life, family, love, and God that animate our efforts to cultivate the earth. In simple and small ways, it will inspire us to layer our lives and homes with the intangibles that turn the stuff of matter into a song.

Published by TAN Books.  Foreword by Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering.


"Theology of the Home IV: Arranging the Seasons is a delight to the soul. Treat yourself and spend unhurried time with this inspirational book. It will retrain your eye away from a world that seems increasingly dark, to the world of seasonal and rhythmic natural beauty. Full of words of wisdom from poets, saints, and playwrights, this book also has practical 'how-to' tips to cultivate the beauty of flowers in your home. The stunning photographs of floral arrangements, wreaths, altar flowers, and tablescapes will have you searching for your gardening gloves."
-Maureen Ferguson, Senior Fellow, The Catholic Association

“From connections between your garden and the liturgical year, to reflections on the joys and sorrows of home life, to instructions for making a special bouquet, this book is inspiring and practical. Emily Malloy writes of what she knows from experience: 'the beautiful parallels between flowers and life and the endless lessons nature provides.' Malloy says her book 'is meant to rekindle the deep relationship between women and those most treasured fruits of nature: flowers.' I have no doubt it will succeed in this; happily, it has rekindled something deep in me too.”
-John Cuddeback, Founder of Life Craft and Professor of Philosophy at Christendom College

"Saint Thérèse of Lisieux taught us that 'the lily's whiteness does not deprive the violet of its scent' -- this book amplifies that truth, showcasing the beauty each season and its unique blooms offer. In reading Theology of Home IV, you'll walk away more equipped to have dominion over the earth -- from knowing how to beautify your home with what's in your garden, to honoring Our Lady with a homemade bouquet, to even learning how to make a boutonniere for your friend's wedding. Theology of Home IV shatters any kind of intimidation you might feel in embracing Our Lord's design for this season's florals and you."
-Catherine Hadro, EWTN News Contributor 

About the Author: Emily Malloy’s floral design career began as an apprentice who swept petals and leaves off the floors of a rapidly growing floral shop in Philadelphia. She eventually rose to manager and floral designer. Her work has appeared in Elle Décor and Green Wedding Shoes, and she is currently the food and floral design editor at She and her husband live in Mississippi with their four children.