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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Posted by Theology of Home on
Wednesday, June 7, 2023

"Nothing is more deceitful than the appearance of humility. It is often only carelessness of opinion, and sometimes an indirect boast."

-Jane Austen


Blessed Franz Jägerstätter - Glorious Mysteries

Pray and Sacrifice for Bishop William John Waltersheid, Auxiliary Bishop of Pittsburgh

Unaccountable Rule-Makers, by Jennifer Patterson at World

How to Choose Tiles, at The House Directory

Msgr. James Shea on Evangelizing in a Post-Christian Society, Belief in the Invisible World, and Utopias, by Lauretta Brown at NCR

An Old Manor House on the Road to Fatima Has its Own Story of the Miracles, by William Cash at Catholic Herald

Pasta al Limone with Asparagus, at The Modern Proper

Meet Trevor Williams the MLB Pitcher Who Loves Adoration and the Rosary, by Jacqueline Burkepile at ChurchPOP

The Best Outdoor Showers Hook Right Up to Your Garden Hose, by Samantha Weiss-Hills at Domino

The Mighty Power of the Name of Jesus, by Venatius Oforka at Catholic Exchange 

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