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Cobalt Waffle Hand Towel


When my husband and moved into our first home together, he was awed at how many serving platters I had amassed. At one point, he took them all out and put them together on the island. I had no idea I had such a soft spot for serving plates. We both laughed because clearly a woman who (at that point in her life) didn't really even know how to cook didn't need that many serving plates.

I've tried to amend my ways, but it seems that I have taken on a new love: the kitchen towel. If you are a regular shopper at The Mercantile, you might have already sensed this. I've decided to not hide my love for kitchen linens, but celebrate it. What is not to love about something you use every day, works hard, looks lovely, and washes up well? Our Cobalt Waffle Hand Towel checks all these boxes. The 100% Turkish cotton ensures that it will only soften -- and become more absorbent -- with age. 

Dimensions: 37" x 18"

Made in Turkey.