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Stella Maris Gift Box


We are eager to gift just about anyone with this universally appealing Stella Maris Gift Box! This sea-themed box includes a copy of the third installment of the Theology of Home book series: At the Sea, our Fleur de Sel Salt, a rare sea salt harvested in parts of France, especially the Brittany region, and our brand new Stella Maris Travel Candle which is an ode to the sea! The smell of crisp ocean air can feel instantly clarifying and invigorating, while evocative of renewal and mystery, adventure and recreation. 

Theology of Home III: At the Sea draws from literature, mythology, and scripture, and pulls out the rich connections between the sea and mystery, recreation, yearning, and joyful reunions. 

Fleur de Sel Saltis delicate and flaky, perfect for adding to a dish just before serving.

Stella Maris Travel Candle: a complex symphony of scent notes such as salty air, bergamot, lemon and lavender, balanced by bourbon, geranium, cedar and amber.

Comes in a kraft box with a navy grosgrain ribbon.