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Theology of Home Vigils Coffee


Theology of Home Coffee is back! New moms, not-so-new moms, students, and everyone in between could use some coffee. We know that coffee and prayer are what keep us running, especially if the nights have been too short. 

Coffee hasn't always been considered a blessed brew. When it first arrived in Europe in the 17th Century, some called it the “bitter invention of Satan.” The clergy in Venice went so far as to condemn it in 1615. Then finally, Pope Clement VIII weighed in on the issue, and upon sampling the then notorious beverage, he found it so satisfying that he gave it his papal approval, declaring it was “truly a Christian drink.” We agree!

Vigils is named for prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours prayed early in the morning, when the demand for coffee feels most urgent.

Flavor Profile: Dark roast with hints of chocolate, almond, honey, and berries.

Bean origins: Columbia and Brazil. Roasted by Coroco Coffee. 

Comes in beautiful 12 oz./340g bags. Whole Bean.

Made in the USA.