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Herbal and Fruit Infused Water

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Herbal and Fruit Infused Water

By Emily Malloy

As the warm spring air gives way to the hotter temperatures of summer, the need for hydration increases. So often staying hydrated feels like a chore, leading many to turn to the endless brands of flavored sparking waters to end the monotony.

Regular consumption of these cases of water compounds to become an expensive habit. (These cases live nomadic lives in our house, as we have to regularly change the hiding spot from little marauders)

On the other hand, infused water is an attainable luxury that should not be reserved for spas. For pennies on the dollar, you can sip on a delight to beat the summer heat! You can use fruit only, but adding some herbs (and yes-- even vegetables) into the mix really adds depth to the drink. 

theology of home infused water

The possible combinations of infused water flavors are endless, but I will share three family favorites with you and some helpful tips!

herbal and fruit infused water theology of home

The biggest hits in our house are (1) orange and thyme, (2) lemon, basil, and cucumber, (3) mango and mint. 

-Muddling the ingredients with a wooden spoon just a little bit before adding to the water helps bring out the flavors.

-Refrigerate for at least 3 hours after combining the fruits/herbs and water to make sure the flavors come through. 

-Have fun and experiment! Watermelon, berries, apples, carrots, oh the possibilities! 


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